Who We Are.

We are a passionate team with over 30 years experience, building upscale homes and cottages throughout Northern California.

What We Do.

Whether you’re looking to provide a safe home for aging loved ones, have fallen victim to natural disaster or simply want to generate rental income, an urban cottage can be an efficient, sustainable and comfortable solution. HomeCraft Cottages is changing the landscape of affordable housing by building versatile, high quality, state of the art homes that can be customized to fit almost any location or situation.

Why We Do It.

Due to the massive natural disasters all over the world and most recently the horrific fires right here in our backyards, HomeCraft Cottages has been overwhelmed with the need for our Urban Cottages. We are now focusing all of our effort and resources on delivery and construction for Northern California fire victims to provide a permanent second dwelling on their property, in which they can live while they are waiting for their homes to be rebuilt.  Our urban cottages can be completely finished in less then 8 weeks once the building permit is obtained.

What Makes This Different


Our urban cottages can be delivered and installed faster than any other standard construction methods.


Our system is simple in its complexity. It allows us to deliver great results.


Even in the toughest of situations, our urban cottages can be implemented without obstruction.

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We are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint with our urban cottages. We partner with a solar provider to offer a solar power system as a standard out-of-the-box option, with zero initial cost and lower monthly payments than with the grid alone, and select our building systems and appliances to be low impact, or even work off-grid. Please let us know if you would like more information about how to make this possible.

Incredibly Quick Installations
Plenty of options to choose from

HomeCraft Cottages provides high-quality, sustainable homes that are rapidly assembled in 6-8 weeks. We simplify home building at every step, from design to installation.

Model 264
Studio 264 Square Feet / 12′ X 22′
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Model 352
Studio 352 Square Feet / 22′ X 16′
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Model 480
1BR or Studio 480 Square Feet / 24′ X 20′
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Limited customization of floorplans within base pricing is available based on site context and desired features. Further customization may be possible at additional cost.

Base cost does not include kitchen or baths, and HomeCraft products do not include furniture. Please see Interior tab for more information about kitchen and bath selections.

Custom 700
2BR or 1BR 700 Square Feet / 35′ X 20′
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Limited customization of floorplans within base pricing is available based on site context and desired features. Further customization may be possible at additional cost.

Base cost does not include kitchen or baths, and HomeCraft products do not include furniture. Please inquire for more information about kitchen and bath selections.

See how we’re changing the game.

HomeCraft is committed to the creation of healthy, sustainable homes. Our all-electric system can easily be configured for off-the-grid living, and we build with only low-VOC materials. Quality materials with a low carbon footprint is part of our strategy, and we go one step further to build resource conservation into the design:

  • Our exclusive framing system reduces concrete required for a foundation by 60%, and wood volume for a frame by 40%. Concrete is responsible for 7% of global CO2 production.
  • Our high-performance envelope (wall, ceiling and windows) greatly reduces the energy needed to heat and cool the home. A small solar system can make an HomeCraft home net zero.
  • All building components are made to be recycled or refurbished.

Residential homes today are constructed in fundamentally the same way as they were 100 years ago. All other industries—including automotive, electronics, even furniture—have experienced leaps in production efficiency by leveraging digital design tools and mechanized manufacturing. HomeCraft plans to bring home construction into the 21st century.

  • Factory production of homes creates consistent results while driving down costs, and reduces the chance of worker-related injury.
  • We acquire high quality, sustainably sourced materials at bulk pricing.

HomeCraft cottages arrive on a truck in ready-to-assemble components. The entire home can be built in 6-8 weeks depending on finishes—with zero construction waste. In addition to being fast and convenient, our flatpack system:

  • Is the only prefab system that can fit through tight spaces to infill restricting sites or backyards
  • Does not require advanced construction skills to assemble
  • Allows for dis-assembly and relocation of entire homes

Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Catalog Founder, described buildings as having 6 functional systems, all with their own performative requirements and effective lifespans. We create a product with a nearly unlimited lifespan by allowing the building to be efficiently serviced and upgraded whenever necessary.

Famous American architect, Buckminster Fuller coined the term ephemeralization: the ability to do “more and more with less and less.”

We bring these concepts together by isolating building systems and choosing strategies that use the least amount of resources to do the most amount of work.

Our approach is meant for the long term. HomeCraft products can be upgraded or serviced as materials change, technology improves, and parts reach the end of their useful lifespan.

Our approach to design, building and the tools we invent can be applied in any context or scale:

  • We provide a tool for architects to build any number of designs—we can achieve wide openings and cantilevers at lower cost—and with wood instead of steel.
  • Acquiring permits for 20 individual micro-homes can take ⅓ the time of as getting a single 20 unit apartment building permitted in many urban jurisdictions.
  • Our minimal need for foundation footprints and our flatpack delivery system makes building on challenging sites and reaching remote locations much more simple and efficient.
  • Our minimal need for expensive and hard-to-find specialized construction labor makes building in urban areas faster and less expensive.
Good news from California

The approval of SB 1069 reduces the barriers for California homeowners to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their property.

Some of the Key points in SB 1069 include:

  • ADU cannot exceed 1,200 sq. ft
  • ADU can be stand alone or be a converted garage
  • Reduced Parking requirements must meet several variables
  • Reduced Fees for water, sewer utility  connection
  • ADU can be built with Modular Construction, Site Built or built as a Manufactured Home (HUD)
  • Fire sprinklers may be eliminated if main dwelling does not have sprinklers
  • ADU plus main residence must still meet local zoning Floor Area and Set Backs

Although SB 1069 streamlines the process and reduces fees and parking requirements, the local building departments still have rules and regulations for submitting applications and plans for a Accessory Dwelling Unit.

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